Many Hands Make Light Work

Many hands make light work OLLI-UO Central Oregon belongs to the members and needs to be nurtured by its members to have a sustainable future.

OLLI-UO leadership is rolling out a campaign, if you will, to bring on more volunteers We have a myriad of tasks that need to be done by members—even more tasks than usual due to some planned reductions in our local Academic Extension staffing schedule We have a real jewel with OLLI and we know it Soon it is going to be necessary for more people to step up and agree to be responsible for a defined task Volunteerism is part of OLLIs across the nation and is a key reason for their success

We all have had careers and have collected a lot of wisdom in our lives We know that if we want to hold on to something good, we have got to care for it So, when you start hearing the details in the coming weeks about the tasks that need an owner, please seriously consider saying, “Yes! I can do that!” The more volunteers we have, the less each one of us has to do We can also have fun and take pride in knowing we are doing something that is important to a lot of people Let’s create a deep bench of volunteers, because not only do many hands make light work, many hands will ensure all members can enjoy OLLI in the best way possible

Suzanne Butterfield,
OLLI-UO Central Oregon Newsletter Editor