Working for Human Rights—On the Ground and Online

Eugene/Springfield–Mariah Elizabeth Grant, human rights and migration consultant, will share her work experiences in Thailand, Greece, and the U.S. In 2014, she worked in Thailand with refugee communities and on programs to counter human trafficking. With the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women and the International Organization for Migration (UN Migration Agency), she researched how traffickers connected with people online, especially through social media.

In Greece during the spring of 2016, Grant worked in the camps for people seeking international protection. She saw how online communications can help humanitarian professionals respond to emergencies, how those fleeing conflicts can maintain contact with loved ones and chart paths to safety, and how all those involved—refugees, volunteers, and aid workers—were able to raise awareness and tell their stories.

She exposes how antimigrant forces use online platforms to disseminate hateful and harmful rhetoric, and suggests methods for the human rights system to be more responsive in the face of proliferating fake news that dictates negative global sentiments and policies toward migrants.

Grant graduated magna cum laude in 2010 with a BA in international studies from the UO, and went on to receive her MA in human rights and democratization from the University of Sydney in 2013.