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Many Hands Make Light Work

Many hands make light work OLLI-UO Central Oregon belongs to the members and needs to be nurtured by its members to have a sustainable future.

OLLI-UO leadership is rolling out a campaign, if you will, to bring on more volunteers We have a myriad of tasks that need to be done by members—even more tasks than usual due to some planned reductions in our local Academic Extension staffing schedule We have a real jewel with OLLI and we know it Soon it is going to be necessary for more people to step up and agree to be responsible for a defined task Volunteerism is part of OLLIs across the nation and is a key reason for their success

We all have had careers and have collected a lot of wisdom in our lives We know that if we want to hold on to something good, we have got to care for it So, when you start hearing the details in the coming weeks about the tasks that need an owner, please seriously consider saying, “Yes! I can do that!” The more volunteers we have, the less each one of us has to do We can also have fun and take pride in knowing we are doing something that is important to a lot of people Let’s create a deep bench of volunteers, because not only do many hands make light work, many hands will ensure all members can enjoy OLLI in the best way possible

Suzanne Butterfield,
OLLI-UO Central Oregon Newsletter Editor

Volunteer Opportunity!

donate-your-timeEugene/Springfield–We are reaching out to see if you would like to volunteer to assist the Program Committee in developing a sortable database of past OLLI-UO programming. This important archive will be used for key program development projects and will provide historical program data for future reference.

This is not a long-term commitment. The data will come from past editions of the newsletter and be entered into an Excel spreadsheet. Some basic knowledge of Excel is a plus but not a requirement. Program Committee members will be on hand to initiate this project and help our volunteers get started; they will also provide continual support throughout the project.

If you would like to volunteer please see the December copy of The Oregon Sage for who to contact.

The Program Committee is very excited about the development of this OLLI-UO database and we hope that you can donate time to help us.

Interested in becoming a member of OLLI UO? Click here.

Music and Memory Project

1Central Oregon–At the 2015 OLLI-UO Central Oregon documentary series, many of us watched Alive Inside, a touching documentary about the benefits of personalized music therapy for Alzheimer’s patients.

Many inspirational movies inspire a reaction of “we should do something like this in our community!” And so we did! Since the screening of Alive Inside last summer, several Central Oregon OLLI-UO members have been certified by a local Music and Memory provider, and are volunteering their time with residents at a local memory care facility here in Bend.

In addition, several more OLLI-UO members have donated music CDs, iTunes gift cards, and iPods to our cause.

As illustrated in the documentary, OLLI-UO volunteers are finding that listening to favorite music “reawakens” residents. Music brings back positive memories, improves residents’ mood, and reignites a feeling of joy into their lives. Our Music and Memory team similarly finds great satisfaction in getting to know residents, hearing their life stories, and making a very personal, human connection with them.

If you would like to know more about the program and the various opportunities to help, please contact Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Oregon.

Volunteers Needed!


Eugene/Springfield–Help us make OLLI-UO a more welcoming place! We are in need of members who would be willing to take a turn staffing the name badge desk prior to lecture sessions. Greeters will help guests sign in, pick up a guest name badge plus OLLI-UO information, and answer visitor and/ or new members’ questions. How frequently you volunteer is up to you and your duties will not keep you from hearing the lecture.

To express interest or get more information e-mail osher@uoregon.edu and someone from the staff or Membership committee will get back to you.

To All OLLI-UO Members, Thank You!

Thank you OLLI UO Member Volunteers

There is a lot of work that goes into the programs that we all know and love, and a lot of it happens behind the scenes. The council and committee members of both OLLI-UO sites meet monthly to discuss and problem solve, plan and debate what is best for the program and all of you. The Program Committees track down and line up presenters and presentations, plan trips and tours; they schedule and scheme to make OLLI-UO great. The Councils invest a lot of energy and time because, like you, they love learning and the community that OLLI-UO provides.

Next, we want to recognize and acknowledge the time and efforts of OLLI members who are at the head of the class. You see them there, leading discussions, providing handouts, sharing their knowledge, and facilitating your learning experience; they prepare, days, weeks, even months in advance. Their extra efforts show, and we appreciate all that they do.

And finally, we would like to say thank you to OLLI-UO Program Director Ruth Heller. She toggles her attention seamlessly between two sites—Eugene and Bend—and works tirelessly to ensure the program is a success. If you’ve corresponded with Ruth, you know that e-mails will show up in your inbox at odd hours; there is no question of her dedication.

Our members serve on committees, facilitate classes, plan and lead field trips, present lectures, and help make OLLI-UO a vibrant program. Thank you for all that you do!


Volunteer Opportunity

Scribe needed for OLLI UO Eugene/Springfield Membership Committee

Scribe needed for OLLI UO Eugene/Springfield Membership Committee

Are you a good listener? Do you know how to take notes? Can you commit to two hours on the first Friday of each month?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we need you.

The OLLI UO Eugene/Springfield Membership Committee is looking for a meeting recorder. What this involves is your attending the Membership Committee meetings and recording who is present, taking notes of the proceedings and submitting them to the committee chair and the OLLI UO office following the meeting.

There is a minimal time commitment but the position is vital to helping our Membership Committee carry out their important role of welcoming new members and helping them find their place at OLLI UO, recognizing the contributions of existing members and helping promote and improve our program.

If this sounds like something you might like to do, please contact the OLLI UO office at 541-346-0697 or osher@uoregon.edu or our Membership Committee Chair Betty Hosokawa. This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to get more involved with OLLI UO.

Not a member of OLLI UO? Click here for membership information.

Sand iHanna


Sandi Hanna is a Program Specialist for the University of Oregon Academic Extension. She provides support to all UO Academic Extension programs including assisting with The Oregon Sage newsletter, and
OLLI-UO social media.

Thank You to the Campaign for OLLI UO Committee

Thank you Campaign for OLLI UO Committee Members

A big thank you to the Campaign for OLLI UO committee members.

As you may be aware, OLLI UO’s capital campaign was a tremendous success. The campaign began in 2011 as part of a strategic plan initiated by then OLLI UO Eugene/Springfield president Beata Galda.

What you may not know is how much time, dedication, and effort your fellow members who were on the Campaign for OLLI UO committee put into the project.

Three years ago, co-chairs Pam McClure-Johnston and Paul Holbo formed the committee and recruited six people to serve. Together they attended more than 36 committee meetings, organized six mailings, and put on the very successful silent auction fundraiser, which many of you attended.

In 2011 these members joined the committee and served continuously for more than three years to help you raise $91,368 for the program. Congratulations OLLI UO, you are amazing!

We know you have seen their names go by in newsletter articles and in various letters. It may have been a challenging task, but we want to make sure it wasn’t a thankless one. So if you run into one of them at a class or event, please take a moment to shake their hand and offer them a “thank you” or a “job well done.” They have served OLLI UO tirelessly over the past three years and in so doing have served you.

Campaign for OLLI UO committee members
     Paul Holbo, co-chair
     Pamela McClure-Johnston, co-chair
     Robert Baectold
     Beate Galda
     Wende Hitchcock
     Ben Johnson
     Jack Meacham
     Ruth Heller, ex-officio

 Sand iHanna

Sandi Hanna is a Program Specialist for the University of Oregon Academic Extension. She provides support to all UO Academic Extension programs including assisting with The Oregon Sage newsletter, and
OLLI-UO social media.

Four Ways You Can Make A Difference with OLLI UO

fourIn addition to drawing from our university and community instructional resources, members play an integral role in OLLI curriculum development, often lending their expertise to teach or facilitate a course or group. Below are a few examples of how members may become more involved and contribute to programming.

1.  Lecture or Series on Specific Topics

Are you an expert in a particular area or have extensive knowledge in a subject? If so please consider leading a lecture. Lectures require a certain amount of preparation and may consist of one or multiple sessions. Typically, lectures will last an hour to two hours and include a Q and A session.

2. Discussion Group

The discussion group is designed to be an informal exchange of ideas in a considerate atmosphere. This format may be applied to a number of topics and is flexible enough to cover two sessions or an entire term. As a facilitator, you will be responsible for planning each discussion, focusing the discussion to keep it on track, and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere where all are encouraged to participate.

3. Study Group

A study group is a dynamic, interactive learning experience lead by member facilitators. It can engage participants in active discussion and any or all of the following: readings, research and other assignments on topic-specific activities. As all members are learning together, no prior knowledge of the subject is required. As a facilitator it is your job to create an agenda or lead the members in developing content and format for the study group.What makes a good Study or Discussion Group leader?

 4. Armchair Traveler

Consider this option if you wish to share your traveling experiences. An area’s culture or geography may be discussed and illustrated with relevant photographs or slides. Armchair Travelers usually run and hour to an hour and a half, followed with a Q and A session.

~ ~ What makes a good Study or Discussion Group leader? ~ ~ 

Creates opportunities for everyone to participate 
Focuses and helps clarify discussion 
Helps group members identify areas of agreement and disagreement 
Knows when to stay neutral 
Helps the group set ground rules for group participation 
Brings in points of view that haven’t been discussed 
Summarizes key points in discussion or asks others to do so 

OLLI UO is committed to helping you and your course or group succeed. A staff member will be available to help you through course planning, advertising, and preparation.